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NGC7822 - Cederblad 214

Constellation: Cepheus

NGC7822, emission nebula (Size: 20' x 90') RA: 0h 1m 1s Dec: +68 32' 37"
Cederblad 214, emission nebula (Size: 55' x 40') RA: 0h 3m 31s Dec: +67 00' 36"

(click image for full resolution)
08 October 2006

Scope: C8 @ f6
Camera: Artemis 285
Filters: Astronomik Ha (13Nm)
Exposure: Ha=2x30x300s
Guide scope: Takahashi FS60c
Guide camera: Vesta SC3 bw webcam
Mount: Vixen GPDX
Capture sw: Artemis Capture (to 16bit FITS)
Guiding sw: K3CCDTools3 and MTSca Pro

Both series of FITS files were calibrated with bias/darks/flats using ImageTOOLSca v2.5. The series were aligned and stacked using K3CCDTools3 and gamma=2 applied, saved to FITS.

The two resulting FITS files were imported into Photoshop CS2 using FITS liberator and the mosaic produced. The image was converted from greyscale to red colour by first converting to RGB and then using "selective colour" to obtain a red hue. The image was saved to 16bit TIFF and then ImageTOOLSca was used to produce the JPG versions.